South Staffs Musical Theatre Company, was originally formed in 1936 and over the years has presented popular operettas and musical comedy to audiences in Wolverhampton every since.

The Company perform for one week each Autumn Season at The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, thus giving everyday folk a taste of life in a professional theatre.

Although everyone involved in the company is an amateur performer, the standard of performance is as near to professional as possible.

You will see from our Photo Gallery the standard of costumes, scenery and properties the productions contain. Couple this will excellent performances from members who are totally devoted to amateur theatre and you have a winning combination which has entertained audiences for over 70 years.

In addition to this week performance, every Easter the company present a variety concert.
These concerts contain exerpts from popular show, hilarious comedy sketches and excellent dance routines, performed by members of the company and the occasional guest. Concerts of this nature offer our members the opportunity to perform their favourite pieces, rather than those required within a specific musical. It also gives members who would not normally have the opportunity to play a leading role the chance to improve their performance skills and in the case of younger members, it develops potential leading men and ladies, dancers, musical directors, directors and choreographers for the future, thus making the company laregely self sufficient.